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Our process

The process begins with concept sketches.
We analyze the characteristics of the work.
We define the needs of the client and decide what strategies to take. We take references in similar projects and the ideas about this new project arise.
The first draws are made in A5 paper size.

Preliminary step. We decide the spaces measures and proportions of each component. We write the explanatory texts that record the design and the describe our process. We answer the customer order with an accurate solution. We make floorplans, section and differents views in A4 paper size.

We search in the market the values of different pieces. So, we can estimate and make a global budget on the total construction cost of the work.

Finally we define all components with technical details: Dimensions, brands, models and prices. We contact to suppliers and possible contracts to estimate execution times. We plot blueprints of: facilities, structures and construction details.

This final folder is signed and endorsed by our professionals. All documentation will be able to be presented to any requirement of the city.

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